samedi 4 janvier 2014

What did they do to my little sister?!!

  Ok, yesterday I've been talking about my youngest sister, but I've got another one who's an actrice (well, who actually begins to become an actrice).

  She's been acting lately in a pretty famous show (here in France) and, even if I knew she was playing a bad girl in it, that was so weird to see!!! Like she's so nice in real and there....arg, so weird!

  Imagine a girl that goes out with a boy, only to get closer to the boyfriend of the guy's sister. Who would do that?!!

  And the worse is that it's highly believable! Not the show but the idea that the girl, on the screen, is truly loathsome. I fear that people recognize her and think from now on that she's a prat.

  But hey, remember Rachel McAdams in Mean girls and who she became? Haha That'd be sooo great if my sister ever plays in cool romantic comedies. Like ok, here is my girly inconscious speaking to you. Have a great day. :)

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