samedi 29 mars 2014

Random drawing #3



  Here are some of the drawings I've made these last few weeks. 
  What could I say apart from that...Well I cut my hair very short for those who want to now. I've always wnated to do that so I just did it :) and I'm glad with it. What else? Nothing special I think. Life go smoothly and I spend my time listening to music (Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman, The Beatles, Beyonce, soundtrack of Star wars...). Hope you're all doing well. Have a very nice day. :)

samedi 15 mars 2014

Random drawing #2

Drawings mostly coming from researches for other projects. :)


  Well, I can't prevent myself to tell about my day. It was so awesome, to me! I didn't have school today, I've already had finished my homeworks and the sun was shining outside. What was I going to do?" How weird is was, to feel so free?!!

  So I deciced to do some errands. And suddenly, I found what I really wanted to do! I had been craving for some good books to read for weeks now and now was the right time to do it. It had been so long I hadn't read one for real, not for school but just for myself.

 So I went to the book store and it's going to sound stupid but I felt a bit lost then. I didn't remember how to chose a book without any list. Finally I picked one which looked to be about friendship and feminism and I began to read it in the square near the university next to my flat and it was really good! It's The Commencement of J. Courtney Sullivan. It's about four girls who first met at the university.

  I've just spent my day to read it and it felt great to be so madly in love with a book again. It reminded me my childhood when I didn't care to spend nights to read while everybody was asleep. I didn't fear to "waste my time" back then. I love moments like that. :)

Hope you're fine too, wherever you are. I wish you all a fine afternoon.

vendredi 14 mars 2014


"They were rather nice after all."
  I had some doubts whether or not I should post this drawing. I did it a week ago and it refers to an even older time of my life. It was also a school assignment. I was like "Do you really want me to draw that? Because it's not going to be very pretty". Of course it's not that aweful but then I had those questions which started to swirl into my head. Usually I don't really let myself drawing too personal stuff.

  Because...well obviously, if I draw them, people will be able to see them. And that's weird, if it's supposed to be private. And then the second thing is that I always thought that tortured art wasn't really the best people could do to make the world a better world. The best, isn't it to bring beauty and joy in others' life? I mean, that's the kind of art I personally do prefer.
  But on the other hand, I'd like to be able to accept what I am with all my good and bad parts and if I genuinely like to draw sad things sometimes, well... Yeah I don't have answers for that dilemma. I guess I 'll just let the others judge what I finally brought to them, if anything there is.

On that have a very good day :)

samedi 8 mars 2014

Black and White and Horror Show, part 2

The King

The papess
The lover



  Here was the end of the serie on the tarot cards (here's the first part of it). And the last images are from an exercises we had to do on inking. The theme was horror movies so... yeah haha that's why it's a bit creepy. And I have to admit I had no inspiration at all at first because... I never watch that kind of film. I'm such a wimp sometimes!!!! Urk no, I can't watch them. :) But...that's true that's very fun to draw!

  Well a nice week-end all of you, wherever you are. Hope you're with your family and friends and having a good time. Till next time :)