samedi 15 mars 2014

Random drawing #2

Drawings mostly coming from researches for other projects. :)


  Well, I can't prevent myself to tell about my day. It was so awesome, to me! I didn't have school today, I've already had finished my homeworks and the sun was shining outside. What was I going to do?" How weird is was, to feel so free?!!

  So I deciced to do some errands. And suddenly, I found what I really wanted to do! I had been craving for some good books to read for weeks now and now was the right time to do it. It had been so long I hadn't read one for real, not for school but just for myself.

 So I went to the book store and it's going to sound stupid but I felt a bit lost then. I didn't remember how to chose a book without any list. Finally I picked one which looked to be about friendship and feminism and I began to read it in the square near the university next to my flat and it was really good! It's The Commencement of J. Courtney Sullivan. It's about four girls who first met at the university.

  I've just spent my day to read it and it felt great to be so madly in love with a book again. It reminded me my childhood when I didn't care to spend nights to read while everybody was asleep. I didn't fear to "waste my time" back then. I love moments like that. :)

Hope you're fine too, wherever you are. I wish you all a fine afternoon.

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