mardi 14 janvier 2014

Random drawings #1

Yeah well, drawings as you can see. Hope you'll like them. Have a nice evening :)

dimanche 12 janvier 2014

A Bit of Paris

  The other day, I had that conversation with a friend and he told me something that kind of stayed in my mind ever since. He reminded me that we were actually living in Paris and that was quite a chance that we should enjoy definitly more. I think that's very true. So I thought why not to take pictures of it from time to time? Here, for you, the first ones.

  All those places are near Bastille and just above is an awesome cafe I like to go to drink hot chocolate with a friend of mine. Since she made me discovered it, I've just loved it. I had taken other pictures from the inside but yeah I'm not very skilled yet with the camera so...they were all blured! Haha Yeah never mind.

  To give you nevertheless an insight into it, just imagine a place packed with wooden tables and plants and old black and white pictures everywhere. We can't really guess from the outside but there's quite a lot of room in it. So without being too crowded there're a lot people, who're either having a nice chat among friends, either just studying in peace. That's a really cool place, I think. :)

 And finally, I put the two ladys because I just love how they seem to have matched theirs outfit so perfectly with one another. Well that's all for now. You all, have a nice evening. :)

samedi 11 janvier 2014

Magical girl

  Ok, I've done thas drawing recently for a classmate, who wanted to organized a contest on her own page, Godxknows. So I hope you'll like it.

  I really enjoyed to do it. It reminded me so much of the secondary school when I used to love Magical girls... Yeah I know, times have changed. :)

  But after all, when I think about it, weren't they good role models for the young girl I was, strong anf fighting for what they wanted ?...I bet they were.

  Well now, on these wise and deep reflexions, I wish you a nice day to all of you :)


jeudi 9 janvier 2014

A Fine Afternoon

Here a drawing I've made in school. I kind of like it so I thought I'd put it here. :) Have a nice day.

mercredi 8 janvier 2014

So peaceful

  Today I managed to put some nuances on drawings I've made. :)

  Here, on those, my sisters are in the living room at my parents' house. We've got a big couch there and everybody geeks, reads, sews or listen to music on it. That's really pleasant, i think, to spend time together like this.

  While they are doing all that stuff, I'm drawing them. Quite convenient, isn't it? And I like that. Because it makes me pay attention to the atmosphere there is and everything seems so peaceful and quiet in those moments. Yeah there're really cool moments

  Well, that's all for now, I guess. :) So have very nice day all of you.

samedi 4 janvier 2014

What did they do to my little sister?!!

  Ok, yesterday I've been talking about my youngest sister, but I've got another one who's an actrice (well, who actually begins to become an actrice).

  She's been acting lately in a pretty famous show (here in France) and, even if I knew she was playing a bad girl in it, that was so weird to see!!! Like she's so nice in real and there....arg, so weird!

  Imagine a girl that goes out with a boy, only to get closer to the boyfriend of the guy's sister. Who would do that?!!

  And the worse is that it's highly believable! Not the show but the idea that the girl, on the screen, is truly loathsome. I fear that people recognize her and think from now on that she's a prat.

  But hey, remember Rachel McAdams in Mean girls and who she became? Haha That'd be sooo great if my sister ever plays in cool romantic comedies. Like ok, here is my girly inconscious speaking to you. Have a great day. :)

vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Read Classics or die?

   Ok, here's a thing I think is weird about reading. I personnally love to read. I can read anything from the very cheap romantic novel to the classical and reknown book recommended in schools. To me it's always a new world and a new point of view to discover and that's what I love. So why to have to choose?

The Love of reading

  So my believe is that if you have that love of the books, that humility to listen what others can have to say, then everything will be easier. Learning, studying can then be much funnier that it seems, can't it be? So I think it's really worth know about that love of reading. 

From zero to plenty!

  So I tried to pass thit on to my little sister who used not to read much because she was quite a slow reader and was afraid of what seemed at first too complicated for her. I made a very short list of 6 very easy (and cheesy) books and, wonderfully, she agreed to read them all! The day she finally finished the list, I was so pround of her!

  I made then another list with an alternation of easy and more complicated books. I was afraid that she wouldn't made it and would give it up. But she made it again!! So now we keep doing that and, even if sometimes I give her more difficult novels, I'm already very glad that she likes to read.

The big pressure

    But my father doesn't approuve when she reads "cheap" stories and is beginning to put pressure on her to try "classical" ones. I don't like that at all! Because, to me, that's obvious that one day she'll love to read these latests. The idea that she has to do it now because there are must-read is highly repulsive.

  Classical books are great because we can maybe have special and awesome pleasure with them, not because they give us the privilege to show off in front of others. I prefer that she reads chicklit rather that nothing.


  So yeah here's my conception about reading :). There's no choice to make between "levels" of culture, we can love them all. What do you think? Did you already love historical stories? I was so in love with the Sisterhood and the Travelling Pants, didn't you too? :)

jeudi 2 janvier 2014

Happy New Year!

  Hi, I hope you're spending a lovely afternoon, all cuddle up on your sofa. And recovering from last night with a warm and welcome cup of tea.
  I remember spending my new year's day like that before. My parents used to throw big parties in our house and the next day, we were just wandering amid rests of the fest and cuddling up under big covers to watch some Capra movies. Good old time.

(Drawn by the potterhead in me :) see you soon)
  Today is pretty much the same. But it wasn't always like this so I feel all the more grateful to have come back to it. Last year have been quite challenging with important decisions to make. I'm glad to feel I made the right choices. 

   I manage to create a lifestyle I love ! How awesome is that ! From alone, far away from my familly, stressing about exams to now, near my folks in Paris, drawing and having great times with my friends. It's pretty cool !

   So yeah, let's run a blog now to record all the amazing things that can happen next year ! And let's see if there still some pieces of cake to grab in the kitchen.

  Have wondeful day :)