jeudi 2 janvier 2014

Happy New Year!

  Hi, I hope you're spending a lovely afternoon, all cuddle up on your sofa. And recovering from last night with a warm and welcome cup of tea.
  I remember spending my new year's day like that before. My parents used to throw big parties in our house and the next day, we were just wandering amid rests of the fest and cuddling up under big covers to watch some Capra movies. Good old time.

(Drawn by the potterhead in me :) see you soon)
  Today is pretty much the same. But it wasn't always like this so I feel all the more grateful to have come back to it. Last year have been quite challenging with important decisions to make. I'm glad to feel I made the right choices. 

   I manage to create a lifestyle I love ! How awesome is that ! From alone, far away from my familly, stressing about exams to now, near my folks in Paris, drawing and having great times with my friends. It's pretty cool !

   So yeah, let's run a blog now to record all the amazing things that can happen next year ! And let's see if there still some pieces of cake to grab in the kitchen.

  Have wondeful day :)

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