dimanche 12 janvier 2014

A Bit of Paris

  The other day, I had that conversation with a friend and he told me something that kind of stayed in my mind ever since. He reminded me that we were actually living in Paris and that was quite a chance that we should enjoy definitly more. I think that's very true. So I thought why not to take pictures of it from time to time? Here, for you, the first ones.

  All those places are near Bastille and just above is an awesome cafe I like to go to drink hot chocolate with a friend of mine. Since she made me discovered it, I've just loved it. I had taken other pictures from the inside but yeah I'm not very skilled yet with the camera so...they were all blured! Haha Yeah never mind.

  To give you nevertheless an insight into it, just imagine a place packed with wooden tables and plants and old black and white pictures everywhere. We can't really guess from the outside but there's quite a lot of room in it. So without being too crowded there're a lot people, who're either having a nice chat among friends, either just studying in peace. That's a really cool place, I think. :)

 And finally, I put the two ladys because I just love how they seem to have matched theirs outfit so perfectly with one another. Well that's all for now. You all, have a nice evening. :)

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