vendredi 14 mars 2014


"They were rather nice after all."
  I had some doubts whether or not I should post this drawing. I did it a week ago and it refers to an even older time of my life. It was also a school assignment. I was like "Do you really want me to draw that? Because it's not going to be very pretty". Of course it's not that aweful but then I had those questions which started to swirl into my head. Usually I don't really let myself drawing too personal stuff.

  Because...well obviously, if I draw them, people will be able to see them. And that's weird, if it's supposed to be private. And then the second thing is that I always thought that tortured art wasn't really the best people could do to make the world a better world. The best, isn't it to bring beauty and joy in others' life? I mean, that's the kind of art I personally do prefer.
  But on the other hand, I'd like to be able to accept what I am with all my good and bad parts and if I genuinely like to draw sad things sometimes, well... Yeah I don't have answers for that dilemma. I guess I 'll just let the others judge what I finally brought to them, if anything there is.

On that have a very good day :)

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